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Shrink Packaging Machine in Delhi

Shrink Packing Machine DelhiShrink packaging is one of the best solutions in the packaging industry. The packaging industry is a vast industry standing in today’s world and therefore having a good option is very important. Your company needs best-in-class packaging machines in order to develop your business.

Advent Packaging Solutions is a Shrink Packaging Machine Manufacturers where we provide you with the best machines in the market. You can rely on our products for getting high-quality shrink-wrapped goods.

Why Choose Our Shrink Packaging Machine?

When creating our packaging machines, we keep in mind the zeal to help your business grow. With that goal kept in mind, as a Shrink Packaging Machine Manufacturers we thrive for the best. That is why we use the latest and the best technologies, which can bring the best results you expect.

We believe that your first impression is what makes the judgment call. Our shrink-wrap machines can hold their shape quite well than the rest of the competition. So, once it completes the packaging of a product, it is unlikely to wither it in any way. Not just this ensures that you get your job done faster but also you can attract your customers better than ever.

What Makes Our Shrink Packaging Machine In Delhi Admired?

We know that you want to have a product, which is not going to disappoint your customers anytime soon. Our shrink-packaging machines have an external storage option for keeping the packed goods safely. No form of external damage can harm your products and that is a guarantee. This is what makes your goods waterproof, weatherproof and tamperproof.

Having said these, it is worth mentioning that our machines serve the need of individual clients. Just because the products are tamper-free, it just makes our machines popular in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
There is a popular reason why people buy our Shrink Packaging Machine and i.e. the convenience factor. Products of shrink packaging are lighter and are thus easier to carry and move. With optimum quality packaging, you can say goodbye to the fear of poor packaging. Our company holds a great market share in the industry in Delhi for these minute priorities we take care of.

At Advent Packaging Solutions, we do look forward to serving you with the best we have at our bay. By providing the best quality machines, we also deliver top-notch after-sales services. Remember, good packaging can increase your company’s image greatly!

ModelAP 3020
Tunnel Size (W x H) mm300 X 200
Voltage (V/Hz)220/50
Power Consumption (KW) (Start up Load)4.2
Power Consumption (KW) (Running Load)3.75
Conveyor Loading (Kg)3
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)800x450x400
Speed (m/min.)0 ~ 6
Heating Time (minutes)5
Cooling Time (minutes)15
Net Weight45
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