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Shrink Tunnel Machine In Delhi

Advent Packaging Solutions is a company that specialises in supplying packaging machinery. When you are seeking Shrink tunnel machines in Delhi, Advent Packaging Solutions is just the place to head to. One of the best shrink tunnel suppliers, we produce shrink tunnel machines that are easy to use as well as offer a quick and effective method to shrink-wrap all your goods and products.

The shrink tunnel machine offers adjustable heating systems, making it suitable for shrink-wrapping a wide range of products. The heavy-duty conveyor belt can handle a load of up to 10kgs, and the tunnel offers adjustable height, allowing you to easily package items of varying dimensions.  Once an item has been wrapped with shrink-wrap, it can be processed through the tunnel. The tunnel offers uniform circulation of heat, ensuring a clean, strong and uniform wrapping around the product.

Choosing the Right Model

Advent Packaging Solutions produces different types of shrink tunnel machine in Delhi. Choose from the models available, based on your requirements

  • AP 3020S – The AP 3020S can be used to shrink-wrap objects of smaller dimensions. It is a smaller model that is lighter in weight and offers clean shrink wrapping with lower energy consumption
  • AP 4525S – The AP 4525S is the biggest available model of the shrink tunnel machine. It offers an adjustable height size and can be used to package objects of varying sizes.

Advantages Of Shrink Wrapping

Shrink-wrap refers to the clear plastic film that is wrapped over a product. Heat is then applied to the wrapping, which causes it to shrink and conform to the shape of the object to create a strong seal. This helps protect the products from dust, dirt and moisture. It also helps ensure that products are not tampered with during shipping. The tight seal ensures that any form of tampering would be immediately noticeable. Shrink-wrapping offers a cheap and effective way to

Source high quality shrink tunnel machines in Delhi from Advent Packaging Solutions. We ensure that all our packaging systems & machines offer optimum performance, clean-cut finish and modern design.

ModelAP 3020SAP 4525S
Tunnel Size (W x H) mm300×200450×250
Voltage (V/Hz)220/50220/50-380/50
Power Consumption (KW)4.56.5
Convayor Loading (Kg)1010
Heating Furnace (LxWxH)(mm)900x300x50-200*900x450x50-250*
External Dimension (LxWxH)(mm)1200x650x12401200x650x1240
Speed (m/min.)0 ~ 100 ~ 10
Heating Time (minutes)1010
Cooling Time (minutes)1515
Net Weight7090
Height Adjustable  
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